Lifetime Pool Finishes uses an advanced and unique process to apply our thermal polymeric pool finish. The images below demonstrate the application process (click to enlarge).


Before: Before During:301 ApplicationAfter: After woodland grey 9-9-14 2 Woodland Grey 2

Lifetime Woodland Grey Polymeric Pool Finish

Our patented application system avoids the burning of material. Take a look below at all of the advantages of our  concrete coating system:


Step 1 – ResoBond  900

  • Outstanding adhesion of ResoCoat 301
  • 2-part bonding agent formulation
  • Trowel-on application

Step 2 – ResoCoat 301 Polymer Pool Finish

  • PTS-30 thermal spray application
  • Dry powder, indefinite shelf life
  • UV stabilizers, fade resistant color pigments
  • Tough, flexible and durable
  • Covers and seals minor concrete cracks
  • Damage repairable throughout life of pool

Application Process - (Scroll to bottom for video)

Check out the video below to view the application process in full: